FSHempPellet Horse Hemp

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Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Horse Pellets may support relief for a variety of symptoms which will help your horse with many ailments. 

Our product is organic and sold directly farm to family. The product is made from organic post extracted hemp plant meal. We add molasses to the pellets for added flavor. 

The product comes in 1 pound canisters, each  containing approximatly 49 day supply. Typical dosage is about one tablespoon once or twice per day. Some horses need more, some less depending on the symptom you are treating. One tablespoon contains approximately 153 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp

Give your horse the gift of FSHemp. Our full-spectrum Hemp Horse Bites may support relief for a variety of symptoms. Our Bites are delicious and high-quality.

Horses have a similar endocannabinoid system to humans so they too benefit from FSHemp. Our CO2 extraction & decarboxylation process insures a quality FSHemp product for your pet. Grown on a family farm in Oregon.


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